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DWA Scores Again!

I would like to congratulate my team over at PingWorx/BroadSpire once again for an amazing job on the DreamWorks Animation website. The project has been completed for almost a year and the awards continue to roll in. This week, however, we won one of the most prestigious awards in the Web industry... The Web Marketing Association's 2008 WebAward for "Outstanding Achievement In Website Development". Not only did we win... we blew the competition away with 21% higher scores than the other WebAward averages.


I would also like to give out a special thanks, and congratulations, to Jason and Kerry over at DWA for paving the way for this spectacular creative vision. As you know... it was great working with you guys! Additionally, to Mr. Glenn Garland, thanks for your creative clarity and brilliance during the conceptual phase of design. Not only did we accomplish exactly what we set out to do but, according to this latest award, we scored 9.5's across the board in Design... leaving the Industry average in the dust! Thanks again for truly seeing what was in my minds eye. Last but not least, I would also like to thank and congratulate Jim and Gibran Evans at Division 13. It was a pleasure working with you guys. Your design insight was invaluable to the success of this project and I hope to collaborate with you again in the future.

Time To Play

While the thought of staying on top of a blog is a good one, the reality is... it's nearly impossible to find the time. As such, I'm generally just keeping the fans of EXP, and myself, up to date on our major milestones here. RSN logo

Keeping in that spirit, I'd like to invite all of you to the new and improved RSN TV website. This project serves as a major accomplishment for my current team at PingWorx/BroadSpire. It was an undertaking that took over 10 months and is truly an exceptional experience for any extreme sports fan.

For more info on the features check out my project list here.

More to come on the site features and intricacies of this project...

Here's To A Great 2008!

It's Been A Good Year

While consulting for the Walt Disney Internet Group for a large part of 2007 I finally succumbed to the temptations of being part of a larger, formidable, team.

My gig at WDIG paved the road for me to lead the charge as Director, Account Management for PingWorx - An Interactive Web 2.0 Agency - where I currently enjoy the opportunity of working with some amazing clients on some phenomenal projects... as well as with a group of very talented individuals.

In Loving Memory


Giving Back

While the consulting continues, I have managed to devote some time to an important cause that all of us need to help put an end to... The CRISIS in Darfur.

By Developing the HOPEArtists.org website I'm hopeful that we've helped enable people to fight back by giving them a forum to get their voice heard and help make a difference.

HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) works to empower people to be involved with humanitarian issues through music, art & action.

HOPE Artists' current mission of helping raise awareness to the current crisis in Darfur is one in which I hope all of you get involved.

What's Happening at EXP

 Is just one of the projects that has been keeping us busy. Slated for a re-design and implementation of an Internet Radio Player. The new and improved DeepMix site went live this morning.

Other work includes projects found in The Lab and updates to the EXP site.

Currently I am on location consulting full time for a client. Therefore, we are currently unable to take on any new projects. We will, of course, continue to service our existing clients but will not be able to take on any new ones.

Say Hello to 2007!

I'd like to thank all our clients and friends for making it a great 2006.

I wish you all the happiest of holiday's and a healthy, prosperous, new year!


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